The Wall Printer Frequently Asked Questions

Four colors, CMYK: cyan, magenta, yellow and black – Five colors (CMYKW) for the UV models – the only printer that can print white letters

We offer the world leading Ultrasonic sensor for wall preview, up to 4.3 inches (11cm) print head justification for wall irregularities. No need for very flat walls, our wall printers print high quality wall murals or wall printed pictures on uneven surfaces.

It takes only 10 minutes to assemble our wall printer.

It is the machine that moves on the track, not the track is moving.

The ink of the machine is custom-made, because after our adjustment, this ink is very suitable for the printing process of our machine, and the printed picture is very good. You can contact us to purchase print ink at very competitive pricing to any regular ink products.

Support JPG, BMP, TIFF, PDF,PNG, PSD etc.

The room can be kept for 15 years without fading, and the outdoor can be kept for 5 years without fading.

The standard picture print height is 4 – 6 ft, and the printable picture after custom vertical track is up to 12 ft.

Putty wall, latex paint wall, brick wall, diatom mud wall, shell powder, paper, wood. And our UV-wall printer can also print on non-absorbent surfaces such as: Glass, tile, metal.

Non-human damage (machine defects) will be replaced during the one-year warranty period. Extended warranty agreements are available after year one

We use the Epson print nozzle from Japan.

One year warranty and lifetime support for training and troubleshooting; Extended warranty agreements are available for parts and accessories after year 1.

Yes, we have such a wall printer. The WP-SK2 will allow printing close to the wall edge. See the PRODUCTS page on the website to see all machine specifications.

Yes, you can use a tablet to control it.

YES. You can print the stitches left and right, or you can stitch them up and down. The image printed with the feathering effect does not appear to be two parts. You can watch the video we took.

All of our machines are equipped with sensors that automatically sense the flatness of the wall. So our machine can print high quality murals on slightly curved walls. Or over or around imperfections

Room decoration is recommended to print at the resolution of 720*1440dpi, which can print about 140 square feet (e.g. an 8 ft high x 18 ft wide or 13 m2) wall image) per hour.

The weight of the frame is about 90 bs (40kg,) the weight of the chassis is about 35 lbs (15kg,) and the weight of the track is about 80 lbs (35kg.) It requires two people to assemble.

Our print inks have an amazing 3D effect and can print gold, silver and jade carvings. No special ink is needed to print these effects.

Our wall printers have power-off protection and do not require additional UPS power.

We have a program to automatically clean the print head.

Every 6 months is recommended. Of course, depending on use, this could be shorter or longer

8-10 years. Keep in mind, The Wall Printer is capital equipment and can be depreciated. Consult your accountant for financial benefits.

The machine is very safe and does not require the purchase of additional accessories. But all supplies, inks, replacement parts are available for same or next day shipment if contacted before 3 PM Monday through Friday.

Wall Printing USA is the exclusive representative for the Chinese manufacturer with independent R&D and production capabilities. We maintain a full inventory of machines, parts, inks, and accessories. The manufacturer has ongoing R&D bases in 2 locations, with factory and assembly workshops in Beijing, China.